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12 Best Things To Do In Egypt

12 Best Things To Do In Egypt

Egypt is the absolute dream come true for any traveler who has a wanderlust for history, adventure, and fun activities. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. The home of one of the 7 wonders, The Great Pyramid of Giza. Egypt has one of the oldest histories of civilization. It doesn’t stop there, this place also has the most beautiful cities in the world, like – Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza. This North African country also offers its tourists to explore and a lot of stuff to do. A lot means too much great stuff. Any traveler would say that traveling through Egypt was one of they’re best travel experiences. There are a ton of museums to explore, countless historic landmarks, buildings, artifacts to see, and whatnot. It will take you forever to see, explore, and to know about this place. It is a great tourist destination for you if you want to experience Egyptian culture, learn, love history, and art.

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So, here are 20 best things you must do while you’re traveling through Egypt…

Nishu Hossain, 10 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism
Abu Simbel Temples

1. Visit Abu Simbel Temples

You can say that it is the second most popular tourist spots in Egypt after the Pyramids Of Giza. Abu Simbel is a magnificent temple, and it was built to mark the Egyptian border to showcase their strength and power to Nubia and any other who would have ever thought of harming their territory. In the 1960s the relocation of the temple was a remarkable historic event. The more famous temple was built to dedicate Ramses II and the other one for pharaohs favorite wife Nefertari. The most attractive thing about Abu Simbel Temple is that it was made in a way that twice a year, the rays of the morning sun will shine through those inner temple cave to illuminate the statues of the gods seated at the end of the cave. You must visit this place, it’s really beautiful and wonderful.

Nishu Hossain, 10 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism, Egyptian Museum
Egyptian Museum

2. Visit Egyptian Museum

Visiting this museum is a must-do in Cairo, Egypt. You can see the ruins of ancient pyramids, temples, tombs from their ancient civilization. This museum has the biggest collection of recovered artifacts from the ruins, like ancient mummies, cursed gold of Tutankhamun’s tomb, and about 165,000 other artifacts. You can hire a guide to show you the museum and tell the histories so that you can enjoy and know Egyptian history a lot better. It is the best museum in the world you can spend time visiting if you love history as I do.

The Best Egyptian Series of books, which actually makes me fall in love with Egypt in the first place:

  • River God, by Wilbur Smith
  • Desert God: A Novel of Ancient Egypt, by Wilbur Smith
  • Warlock, by Wilbur Smith
Nishu Hossain, 10 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism
Hot Air Balloon at Luxor

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Luxor

Luxor is a very beautiful city. And seeing this amazing city up above from ground is a must-have experience whenever you go there. But make sure to choose a company with a very good track record to fly up. This will be an incredible experience I can assure you that, you’ll get to see the city better and most importantly its beauty. Historical places, mountains, and breathtaking nature views will blow your mind.

Nishu Hossain, 10 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism
Felucca Ride in the Nile

4. Sail By a Felucca Through Nile

I must say riding on a felucca through Nail was one of my best experiences and memory I took from that trip. This river is so calming and relaxing that I rode the felucca for several times while I was there. It is the best way to enjoy the Nile and the surroundings around it. But if you want to sail on other kinda boats or ships then those are also options. You can choose cruise ships, luxury boats, etc. Another tip, take some warm clothes with you for the evenings. It gets cold in the evenings.

Other Books of that series:

  • The Seventh Scroll, by Wilbur Smith
  • The Quest, by Wilbur Smith
  • Pharaoh: A Novel of Ancient Egypt, by Wilbur Smith
Nishu Hossain, 10 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism
Sunset at Giza

5. Camel Ride Into the Sunset at Giza

One of the most nostalgic things you can do to get an amazingly mind-blowing experience is riding into the sunset at Giza. Just imagine you’re at a time when the sands look like glitters and the pyramids are the golden mountains. That experience is also very romantic. Hire camels or horses for one to four hours rides or as your wish and you enjoy that ride, those moments and I promise you’ll love it. Capture those nostalgic photos you see people post, for your Instagram. That’s a piece of insightful advice and you welcome.

Nishu Hossain, 10 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism

6. Try Scuba Dive at Hurghada

Because of the city of Hurghada, The Red Sea coast of Egypt becomes really famous. This place has breathtaking landscapes, clear blue water, coral reefs with white sandy shores. Which makes it a perfect place to snorkeling and diving. I would recommend this activity to try every one. It was really fun. The best time to enjoy these activities would in December. And, also take a tour to the Grand Aquarium in Hurghada, it’s just really amazing and relaxing experience I would say.

Nishu Hossain, 10 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism
Luxor Temple

7. Visit Luxor Temple

Luxor temple is a temple that is filled with a rich history and untold stories. This temple was built by Amenhotep III but Tutankhamun and Rameses II added the temple while they were ruling. This place is a must-go visit the place and here’s the catch. This place looks even more amazing during night time. It’s because this place gives a totally different experience at night. It gets really quieter during the night but with the nighttime lighting and everything, it looks even more incredible. This experience is also one of my favorite ones.

Nishu Hossain, 10 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism
Thebes Luxor

8. Luxor Museum Visit

The Luxor Museum is an archaeological museum. It is situated on the banks of Nile, in Luxor city. You can see items like pharaonic arts, ancient Statues, Thebes, and two royal mummies. One of the mummy is believed to be the mummy of Ramses I. This museum even has an entire collection of different types of statues and Thebes from the new and old kingdom. This museum is one of my favorite museums because of its collection of statues. It was a whole new experience for me. Seeing all these ancient Statues and thinking about life and civilizations before us was very nostalgic for me. But there is a thing, no one is allowed to take pictures in this museum so be careful of that matter.

Nishu Hossain, 10 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism
Great Sphinx of Giza

9. Take Kissing Photos with Great Sphinx of Giza


Great Sphinx of Giza is one of the most iconic tourist spots in the world. All those Instagram photos you see, people kissing a half-human and half-lion creature is this Great Sphinx. Also, we have seen this creature in so many movies, history books, magazines, and where not. So, as a very popular creature of history, you must take some photos with it or the kissing photo. This place will have a bit more crowded than the others, but I can promise it’s worth it. The Sphinx is just next to the Giza Pyramid Complex so, why not take a short trip to the site.

Nishu Hossain, 10 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism
City of the Dead

10. Tour to the City of the Dead

This city is located outside of the city of Minya. It is known to be the largest cemeteries in the world. This place is also called as Zawaiyyet al-Mayyiteen. This cemetery is full of rows of white domes. You can take iconic photos of this hauntingly beautiful place during sunset and sunrise. That’s a whole new awesome experience to have from Egypt. You can also see a third pyramid there and its located in the eastern banks of Nile.

Nishu Hossain, 10 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism
Corniche, Alexandria

11. Corniche, Alexandria Visit

Alexandria is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and Corniche is very famous its coastal waterfronts. People take long walks or drive through this beautiful place to see its beauty from the up-close. This waterfront runs from the Eastern Harbour to Montaza Palace and ten miles away from that you’ll find the most extraordinary views of the Mediterranean Sea. That’s the most romantic thing you can do while you are traveling to Alexandria. Walking through this incredible beach is a must and also it’s free.

Nishu Hossain, 10 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism
Egyptian Campfire

12. Egyptian Campfire Dancing

Just like Dubai, you can expect to see some Egyptian campfire dancing in Egypt as well. You’ll be amazed to see these Egyptian dancers dancing so well by the campfire. This dancing by the campfire is a part of their culture. Some drums beating and hips moving dancing experience is another must-do while you travel to Egypt. And I must say these local dancers really know how to move.


These are all fun and diverse things to do in Egypt while you are traveling through it and I’ve mentioned all the best ones I loved the most to do when I was there. I really enjoyed it a lot during my visit to Egypt and I really wanna go there again. That place has so much to be explored. And their culture and history are so rich that a person like me who loves history and stuff like that a lot, it’s a heaven for them. Also, people are very friendly over there and they have food to die for. Try them and explore I promise that you’ll find so many new things to explore and experience.

Leave some love, comments, and share with others. If you also have any questions please ask them on the comments. Thank you guys



Nishu Hossain, 12 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism
12 Best Things To Do In Egypt, Egypt Tourism



    20th May 2019 - 4:12 pm

    Thanks for sharing this! Egypt is one of my top destinations; pinning this so I can remember to hit all these spots when we visit! Looks beautiful!


    21st May 2019 - 3:56 pm

    I’m fascinated by Egypt and can’t wait to visit but had put it aside for other destinations. This has so whet my appetite again!!

    Betty @ Mombrite

    21st May 2019 - 11:44 pm

    I had no clue there are so many things to do in Egypt – when I think Egypt I always think of just the pyramids. Hot air balloon, how awesome! I always want to ride a camel too.

    Laurel and Iron

    22nd May 2019 - 4:13 pm

    I love this list! Egypt has so many beautiful sights to offer!

    Kendall | Is it nap time yet?

    23rd May 2019 - 2:39 am

    I have wanted to go to Egypt ever since I was a little girl! So beautiful!


    29th May 2019 - 12:44 am

    This is such a beautiful place, l look forward to the day I’II visit. Great information. I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award, Congratulations!

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