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5 Best Business Ideas Without Any Investment or With Low Investment

5 Best Business Ideas Without Any Investment or With Low Investment

We all look for business ideas these days by which we can earn and start something like our own but with low investment or without any investment. While we think of starting a business, in the beginning, we all run short on cash so it’s a clever idea to start something which will take less investment or no investment at all. This way you can stay in a safe zone and you’ll be not worried about the fact that maybe if that business does not go as you planned you’ll be at a loss. But nowadays you’ll find many business ideas to try and not all of them are suitable for you, so you don’t really know which ones are best to start with or, best for you. But in this list, all the options I’ve mentioned are very easy to pursue and suitable for almost everyone. So, if you wanna know more about them, then keep reading to know them better

List of Best business ideas without any investment or low investment:

1. Blogging

Blogging is absolutely the best and number 1 business idea to start with because I also do that and if not why would I do that right. I was always into writing and stuff, and blogging was a great way for me to pursue that passion.

Blogging is the best business you can find in low investment businesses because it is a great stay at business, which pays a pretty decent earning. And the best part about this business is you can work at any hour of the day on your own time schedule.

After seeing so many Blog income reports start with like 2k- 50k monthly. That got me to thinking that why not, I can also do that. And to blog and become a blogger you certainly do not need to be a very good writer or something like that. You can be just informative and your blogs could be about something helpful to people.

This is a really easy way of earning money from home because you’re earning just from people reading your stuff. Which makes really good sense. If you can somehow get a decent amount of people to read your blogs then it’s a pretty easy way to income and you do not need a lot of investment.

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you’re thinking of blogging as a business then affiliate marketing comes with it. It is a really good way of making some extra cash.

Affiliate Marketing is basically a way of recommending products, services, things, places you’ve used, been there or you believe would help others by letting them know that it’s a trustable product to use or to go.

Basically, you refer these products and services to people by using a unique link and if they purchase or get that service using that link then you get a commission out of it.

People tend to earn a lot of money through Affiliate Marketing. Some of my blogger friends earn $6000- $25000 a month by this. So, it is a very easy way of earning money without even investing anything.

3. Freelance Writing

Writing is one of the most valuable and important skills you can have to start a business online. It’s because most of the work we see on the internet mostly involves writing in some sort.

But I know we all cannot be a writer but if you think you can write and this is something you really love to do then Freelance Writing is a pretty good option for you.

Let me tell you, most freelance writers earn a lot of money just by writing full-time. I know writers who make over $200,000 a year. And minimum $40,000- $50,000 a year just by writing.

So, Freelance Writing is one of the best ways to earn a decent amount of money by investing nothing and you can work from home.

4. Forex Trading

Forex Trading is a very profitable business, you can start this business without a lot of investment. At first, you can practice with free demo money so that you don’t lose anything in real. Trading currencies online could be a tricky and risky business but if you can do it properly then it’s a very profitable business I must say.

If you’re good with numbers or you have analytic skills or a very good sense of cash flow and exchange market, then you should try forex trading as a business opportunity.

One of my very good friends and a forex trader is Syed Rahman. He is earning a pretty decent amount by this business setup. He also has his own courses to teach people about forex trading. And they are really informative and one of the best courses you can find to learn Forex Trading properly and thoroughly. So, if you’re interested you can check his courses.

–> Visit Syed Rahman’s site to get his courses on Forex Trading and Swing Trading

5. Social Media Manager

In the era of social media, we all know to grow our businesses or brands we need to be on social media to reach our potential customers and buyers and all the others related to our business and service.

And with all the work and everything companies and all don’t get that much time to do these works on their own. So, they hire social media managers to work on their behalf of them.

As a social media manager you would have to respond to messages, inquiries, comments good or bad, and market their product and company on behalf of them. And you can do all these from your home and without any investment in that business.

So, becoming a Social Media Manager (SMM) is very easy and also very profitable. A social media manager can make from $1000 to $10,000 a month or more.


Nowadays you can start a lot of businesses with a low or without any investment. But not all of them are going to be what you want to do, but the list I have mentioned is very small but all the best ones. these are the most effective ones. If you stick to even one of them I’ve listed here then I can assure you that you are going to get a good result at the end of it. And these are all very easy business ideas, I think anyone who has the will to do anything for their business will get the success they want.

If you like to think this is a helpful comment and share it with others if you have any questions please comment below. Let me know your thoughts on it. If you guys want me to write on other topics like this then please also let me know that. Thank you guys for reading.



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