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A Complete Guide to Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Trends (Part I)

A Complete Guide to Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Trends (Part I)

I must say this is quite a year for Spring Fashion Trends. This year through so many fashion shows and fashion weeks we have seen a lot of Spring trends are coming back with some new ones. And, honestly speaking, some of these fashion trends are my absolute favorite ones and some are okay, I can pull them up for a year. But today I’m trying to narrow it down for you guys to a list where I will add the most practical and fun ones. Maybe some of my favorite ones and some you guys will love for sure. It’s because there are so many of them and not all of them are really nice or practical to carry on a daily basis life. I always believe that fashion should be two things practical and fun. And, this list will provide you with both the fun ones and the practical ones.

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So, today I’m gonna talk about all the best spring fashion trends you can follow…

1. Cargo Pants

Cargo and utility are so in this season. I’ve seen them everywhere. Fashion weeks, fashion magazines, celebrities are wearing them, models are wearing them. Basically all over Paris, all over New York, people are wearing them on the runways, streets, and where not. I think it’s a trend that’s gonna kind of go through spring into fall. Cargo pants are making it big this year, matching sets with cargo, so that like khaki color pants with a jacket, huge utility belts. Utility belts, utility pants like they are just everywhere this year. And, I’m so here for it cause it’s neutral. So you can keep it in your wardrobe. It will go with everything. I’m a huge fan of this trend, I wear them a lot with a trench and a great sweater, and looked really good. This is one of the best trends for me this year.

2. Neons

The bold colors are back. We all know for spring this one is not new. Spring is a season of colors and this spring a lot of Neon started to coming back also late into like fall season but I think we are starting to be seeing neon a lot this year. I am not the biggest fan of neon but then again if you were to try out that trend, you would definitely want to dress it down a bit because neon itself just speaks really loudly, or you could try just bold colors in general. So, maybe not neon but just brighter hues like red, fuchsias, etc. I think the easiest way to wear these colors is for like resort wear, maybe you’re going on a vacation. These types of colors are perfect for the beach and again if you do want to try color but you’re a little bit scared of too many colors, again dress it down, pair it with things that are a little more toned down, maybe a black blazer, maybe a denim jacket, maybe just pairing a brighter color top with plain jeans, black pants things like that. That way that kind of balance each other out.

3. Florals

Florals are something that always makes its way back to spring summertime. To me, I feel like florals are always in no matter what because I feel like this past fall we saw a bunch of florals. I was wearing a lot of florals for fall and the more we move away from the wintertime the more the pastel-colored florals are going to be coming into play, obviously, you can wear them any way you like pairing them with jeans, wearing them to work, you can really kind of wear a floral in any occasion and that’s what great about it.

4. Puffy Shoulders

Now, this is some trend I’m really much into. You know this trend is really retro but cute at the same time. Nowadays, I so much prefer dresses or tops with puffy shoulders. I just love the puffy shoulders just because they’re so different and so unique and I feel like they make any outfit look all the more dressed up. They look so cute in little crop tops, maybe if you’re going on vacation like a beach tropical vacation or they look great long-sleeved. Pair them with some trousers and some Jeans. They’re just so bold and such a power play when it comes to an outfit. They really started making its way big time during this last autumn but they’re definitely here to stay. It’s super easy to wear, any bottoms will go and that’s the great thing about it. You can pair them with shorts, skirts, jeans, trousers, etc.

5. Western Trends

This year the western trend is coming back and I really like it. It mostly comes back with western boots, cowboy boots. I always love wearing boots throughout the Spring season and now this year it is one of the best trends you can practically pull off. Another western trend is peaking its way into this trend list is springtime Fringes. I think fringes are super fun when it comes to springtime there are a lot of festivals roll around. This is a great way to dress up. You’re gonna see them in a lot of pants, skirts, and jackets, like moto jackets, leather jackets and also in dresses. I love trying these western trends a lot. You should also give it a try.

6. Earth Colors

This spring in all the runway fashion shows we have seen models wearing so many shades of earth colors, like khaki, different shades of nudes, and neutral colors. Khaki is not just a color. It also looks like a military-inspired type of clothing. I think that’s kind of like the thought behind khaki. We always look at khaki maybe for khaki pants for work. That’s definitely something we’re taking from when it comes to the khaki trend. Maybe you think of heavier duty trench coats when you think of khaki and that is definitely the route that we’re going with this. It’s definitely more masculine. A lot of it is also military-inspired but it’s also such a great neutral color to pair whits. It looks clean, it looks fresh, especially going in the springtime or you can definitely still wear your fall items with it, locks, and things like that. If you want more like a darker look. Again it’s like bringing this old school item that we used to see a lot back in the day making it new again you can definitely make it chic.

7. Metallic, Shimmer or Sequins

I feel like these things are things that people are a little bit afraid of wearing on a normal day but I feel like we’re seeing more and more. These types of shinier materials, metallics, and things like that. Obviously, it was big for the holiday but I think the key here to using these shinier items is again to dress them down, use them as layering pieces maybe under blazers and jackets and things like that. And again if you are going maybe to like girls’ night out, a nice dinner these are items that she would showcase make your accessory make it stand out. Super easy to wear to events like that because you just throw it on and you’re good to go. You can tone them down by pairing it with jeans, you could make it chic by pairing some trousers with it. It’s definitely not something to be afraid of.

8. Large Hats / Bucket Hats

I’m telling you guys about large oversized floppy hats for quite some time now. Not sure if you guys ever came across the picture that was kind of roaming around through Instagram or the internet with this beautiful model woman just wearing this huge oversized like a tan-colored floppy hat and I think we saw a lot of that on the runway this past September. So large rimmed wide-brimmed hats are gonna be super popular. The great thing about a hat is that if even you are afraid of wearing it, just think of it as an accessory kind of like a necklace. The thing that just kind of makes you complete your outfit you can wear the simplest thing maybe just like a button-down shirt with a pair of jeans shorts, throw on a hat, you just automatically look so much more accessorized and put together. These hats look really good in pictures.

Bucket hats are also very trendy this season. Different designers are making them. They’re just easier to get. They’re cool but I find them a little hard to wear because I feel like they hit the back of the neck all the time and then come off. But it’s a cool trend to pull off.

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