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A Complete Guide to Spring Summer Fashion Trends (Part II)

A Complete Guide to Spring Summer Fashion Trends (Part II)

So, here’s another part of the article. In case you missed the 1st half of this article then please visit the link below and you’ll find the other half of it.


>A Complete Guide to Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Trends (Part I)


I think fashion should be discussed in an elaborate manner so that everyone can feel the enthusiasm of it. I feel like Fashion is an exciting matter and we all should appreciate it. So, the trends we witness every year are a big part of the Fashion Industry. And Spring-Summer is the season for trends.

The other half of A Complete Guide to Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Trends (Part II) :

9. Suiting

Suiting is also a huge trend this year. Suits are everywhere. Everyone is wearing suits casually. So, you’ll see a lot of people wearing suits this year. Suits are just in like, specifically I saw a lot of short suits, which I think is really cool, very 80s but still really cool. And then I also saw the bicycle shorts with Blazers a lot. That’s also been everywhere. So, suiting making it big this Spring.

10. Pleats

Whenever I think of pleats, I think of kinda like a schoolgirl but we’re gonna see a lot of that this year and I think they’re super fun, the texture of them makes it something different. I have a pleated skirt that I love so very much. But until this year I was really confused to wear them but always felt maybe they would come back and here they are. Now the pleats are on my skirts are a little wider. We’re gonna see a lot of smaller thinner pleats coming around and I feel like the easiest way to wear pleats is in skirts because you could just throw on any top make it look chic by throwing on a cami and a blazer over it.

11. Tie-dye

This trend, I’m not quite sure how I feel about just yet. This tie-dye trend is such a retro trend but I feel like we are seeing them a lot, especially when it comes to festival time. Maybe when you’re on a vacation and you wanna wear a maxi dress a tie-dye print could be appropriate and get chic wear it for resort wear, but again if you wanna try the trend you’re also not sure about it. The same thing with the rest of them, dress it down because tie-dye itself is already pretty loud and busy. But I must say Tie-Dye is just a perfect trend for this spring-summer.

12. Bermuda Shorts or Longer Cycle Shorts

These shorts are really different from the shorts we usually wear. I’m talking about shorts are more like preppy longer, more practical wearing shorts. Last year we saw the biker shorts making it such a big bold statement and they’re kind of going away hopefully. I’m not the biggest fan of it but for this year going into the summertime, especially we’re gonna see longer shorts. I myself, I’m not used to shorts that are longer just because it makes you look a bit shorter. But still, I’m gonna try to embrace them. I have a couple and they’re not as long as what we’re talking about. But they’re long enough for me. But if you find these trendy shorts longer than you usually prefer then you could fold them at the bottom and add a belt. That way it kind of fills up that space that there is with the long shorts. It’s not your typical jean shorts, it’s not as casual as what jean shorts will look like so you can use them to different parties or events and still look dressed up.

13. Belt Bags

Belt bags are also very in this year’s spring. People are wearing them as an accessory with their outfits. Throwing a belt bag with casual wear or with dresses is so trendy now. I personally do not really like it but sometimes with some really trendy bags, I also love this trend. If you can pull this trend then trust me with these trendy bags you’ll definitely look chic and spring-ready.

14. On-Trend Spring Colors

This year I must say these 3 colors are the most trendy colors of all.

  • Lavender: This is one of the most on-trend colors of this season. This color was everywhere. It’s a very beautiful color. It’s perfect for spring-like it gives you that pastel sort of like the spring is here, you know like the world is like renewing with this color sort of vibe. That’s what lavender is like, that’s what it feels like. Beautiful purple is everywhere.
  • Mint/ Pistachio: This color is also everywhere. I myself also have a mint suit. It’s a very pretty color, I’m not talking about teal, I’m really talking about it like a mint. It’s a great color for spring. It gives you that soft pretty spring kind of vibe.
  • Yellow: Yellow would be a great color for spring but also for summer. Yellow has just taken the world by storm here like everyone is making things in yellow and different shades of yellow and like a really bright yellow to the softer yellows. It’s everywhere. Yellow could be a hard color to pull off on some skin tones, on some hair colors, so you would have to find the right yellow for your skin tone because not everyone can pull it off. I have an outfit kind of yellow jean situation and I think it’s really cool. So, look out for that’s definitely a big trend.

15. Boiler Suits

Boiler suits are very much on-trend right now. I think they have been on trend for a while but I would say in the fall and in the fall fashion month and then this year’s fashion month. I just saw them a ton. I saw them a lot in the fall with a turtleneck underneath. Now I’m seeing them just like in a lot of different materials, in a cargo material and just I think there’s like a ton of different ones that you can choose from. I have a full sleeve one that has like a wider leg but it’s cropped. They’re coming in tons of shades and styles and I really like them because you can wear those casually but you can also dress up and they’re just easy. It’s like wearing a dress. You can just throw on your boiler suit and literally good to go. You don’t have to think about anything else. So, I’m into that. I’m gonna say about it but it’s a cool trend

16. Accessories: Shrunken Bags (Mini Bags), Headbands

This season there are so many accessories in trend. Many cool accessories but really mini bags like I’m talking like tiny you can’t fit anything in them. I also have one. It’s like really really mini bags. Jacquemus makes really small cute bags and there are tons of them are in the market right now and they’re very impractical. You can’t hold anything in them but they look really cute. I think they’re a really cool accessory. They’re definitely more of an accessory, not a bag. But I’ve been seeing them everywhere and they’re a cool trend.

Headbands are also very in now. Everybody is making them. Prada is making them. Chanel is making them. They are like Blair Waldorf kinda bands, pearled headbands, puffed headbands, and everybody is really liking them and wearing them this year.


A quick tip for trying these trends or any other trends that you want to try. Maybe you kinda like but you’re not so quite sure about, is to start small, don’t spend too much or don’t invest too much money on anyone trend. Maybe go to Forever21 or some retail store, see what you can find, try it out, and then if you see you really love it then you can move on to more expensive items. If you find one that you love that is more expensive.

Hope you guys find this list helpful to keep up with this year’s spring trend. If you guys have any other fashion-related questions in your mind and want me to write about them then suggest that in the comments below. Thank you, beautiful people.



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