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Life is a journey so travel as much as you can

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Hello everyone!! Hope you guys are doing well. I’m Nishu and I’m a college student. I love fashion beauty and traveling a lot. I read books and sometimes I get lost in their stories and depths. I also find arts and home decors very fascinating. People say that I have a gift like, whenever I do not have much to splurge on something, which is kinda all the time because I always kinda feel like I’m broke but I still manage to get that thing on a budget and appear to look chic and boujee all the time. So guys, Welcome to my crazy life where I will try to share all my secrets to live life fabulously and how to slay your look all the time but obviously in a budget. Then catch me here. I’m going to share things like traveling, styling, beauty, fashion and everything in between, follow my blog posts to know more and also love them even more…



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Nishu Hossain

“Life is a journey so travel as much as you can, do things you can’t put into words.”