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How to Look Expensive on a Budget

How to Look Expensive on a Budget

I always believe that if you really want to look good, you can always look good, with or without spending a lot of money. You just have to set a style and astatic for you. You do not need to have expensive things to look expensive. There are a lot of tips and tricks to look extra and expensive on a budget and today I will share those tips with you guys:

NishuHossain| Look Expensive on a Budget
How to look expensive on a budget

1.Minimal Makeup: 

Choose budget friendly or well-branded drug store makeup products, like the primer, foundation, concealer, powder according to your skin type and color. Do not wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, it does not look chic and also it is really harmful to your skin, wearing full face make every day. Go for minimal makeup routines because it makes you look naturally beautiful and effortless. 

Nishu Hossain How to Look Expensive on Budget, Aesthetic Lipstick
Aesthetic Lipstick

If you are someone who loves lipstick like me, then do as I say, choose one or two lipstick brand which you love the product’s formula, then go for the colors. Always choose one or two signature color for each season, which complements your skin or you can always go for that one color which always looks good on you. Usually, I wear one signature nude lipstick from a brand called NIOR. It’s an affordable brand of everyday use lipsticks. I really like their lip pencils and also the formula of them. So, nude lipstick is one of my signatures. You can also try this method if you want to. It’s a kinda trendy way of telling people that what you like. Although red lipsticks or bold color lipsticks instantly make you look bold and confident. My all-time favorite red lipsticks are RUBY WOO and RUSSIAN RED from MAC, besides these colors DIVA and ANTIQUE VELVET are also my favorite bold color lipsticks from MAC

And lastly, just look presentable and you’ll be fine at any situation or any time of the day.

Nishu Hossain How to Look Expensive on a Budget, Minimal Makeup
Minimal Makeup

2. Styled and Groomed Hair and Nails:

Styling your hair means getting a good or new hair cut, suitable hair colors, trim your hair regularly, wash them, condition them, take care of your hair. Try different types of hairstyles, which you can do at your home and choose at least two types of them. This way you can change them with your hair’s condition. Like no shower day style or oily hair day style. In this way, your bad hair day will become a good hair day. 

To have groomed nails, you do not need to go to the salon and spend a lot of money, or you also do not have to wear nail polish all the time. You just need to keep your nails clean, file them regularly and you can always add some clear nail polish to make them look even nicer. But if you are a lazy chick like me you can skip the clear nail polish part. But if you are a bit extra as a person, wear red nails. That’s a statement look for anyone. Red nails make you look sexy and confident instantly. 

3. Versatile and Quality Basics: 

I always try to work with the clothes I already have, most of the time I spend money on my basics. I believe that you can always layer your basics with other clothes you already have or also with the new ones. We all know basics are very inexpensive and go a long way, however wearing solid color basics make you look chicer because these can be styled with so many types of clothes. Quality basics are everything to me.

Nishu Hossain How to look expensive on a budget, stylish bagss
Statement Bags

4. Statement Bags: 

Bags always work as a statement piece in your outfit. Try to invest a bit more on good bags and purses but if you are on a tight budget just go for the good quality less expensive bags. That will do just fine. However, you can also try those affordable brands like Zara, Mango, H&M, Forever21, Everlane, GUESS, Calvin Klein these brands also make good products but sell them for less. Online shopping is also a good option if you know where and how to find things online. Online shops and brands sell good quality bags for less than actual shops. 

But if you are a brand freak and do not have that much to spend on bags just go for the brand dupes. If you feel comfortable about that. Why dupes? Because those are less expensive and almost serve the same purpose. Just like they say fake it till you make it.

Nishu Hossain How to Look Expensive on Budget, Statement Jewelry and Accessories
Statement Jewelry

5. Statement Accessories and Jewelry: 

Always try to wear accessories and jewelry with your outfit. It enhances your look and also make you look much more put together, and extra at the same time. Pieces of jewelry also work as statement pieces. To buy accessories you also do not need to spend a lot of cash trust me. Forever 21, H&M etc shops have these sections for jewelry and stuff, where you can always find very cheap but stylish accessories. You can also shop online because there are so many online places where you can find good quality and chic jewelry at a very low cost in your budget. Trust me adding some bling and sparkles with your outfit will never go wrong.

Nishu Hossain How to Look Expensive on a Budget,Stylish Shoes
Stylish Shoes

6. Good Pair of Shoes:

You know, shoes are the most important part of your outfit. Your shoes are the reflation of your personality I say. So, pair your outfit with some good stylish shoes and you are all good to go. Dope shoes always make you feel confident than usual. Some pointy shoes, strappy heels, toed shoes, knee-high boots, sneakers, cute slippers, and flats are the must-haves. You do not need to buy those expensive branded shoes, just buy the good looking ones or the ones you can actually wear and walk, from anywhere and that will work just fine. As I said before online shopping is much cheaper than buying things from shops. There are so many good online shops for shoes just visit those, I am sure you will find something for you. However, if you love branded shoes and also could not afford them, just buy the dupes.

Whenever you are choosing shoes, go for the nude color ones. This was a life-changing tip for me when I knew nothing about shoes. Nude color shoes make your feet look longer and also make you look taller.

Nishu Hossain How to Look Expensive on a Budget, Faux Fur Coats
Faux Fur

7. Faux Fur Coats:

The fur itself is a lavish word. Faux fur is the fake version of real fur. Faux fur coats and things are so much on trend right now. Coats made of Faux Fur are very budget friendly and serve the exact same purpose. Almost all the clothing brands make their own version of faux fur coats and those are very luxurious looking but for a much cheaper price. Throwing any sort of faux fur coats or anything made of faux fur over your outfit makes your outfit look very expensive and you hunny look like a million dollar check instantly but obviously in a budget. You can also purchase them from online clothing stores. These coats come very handy in the winter fashion.

Nishu Hossain How to Look Expensive on a Budget, Perfumes

8. Wear Perfume: 

A chic lady never leaves home without wearing any perfume. People cannot see perfume but they can always smell and by wearing a signature perfume, they will know instantly, it’s you whenever you will appear near them. A lady always should smell good. This is very feminine and a ladylike habit. You don’t need to buy like crazy expensive perfumes to create an extra impact on people. Go for inexpensive body mists, deos, and roll-ons, body sprays but whatever you do choose a good smelling product to elevate your total impact.

Another tip, try to keep a small bottle or roller perfume in your purse for all time. In any case, you forgot to wear it before leaving home, it will save you from that.

9. Tailored Clothes: 

We all have different types of body shapes and not all the clothes we bought fits us properly. So, give it some effort because tailored clothes instantly make you look expensive and put together. Always try to wear steamed and ironed clothes, that really elevates your look at a different level and do not cost much because we all have electricity in our houses.

Some important tips are like, do not wash your clothes frequently, it damages the fabric and also fades the color of your clothes. Always hang your clothes after wearing them, that way you will not need them to be ironed every time. Ironing your clothes frequently also reduce their life span.

Nishu Hossain How to Look Expensive on a Budget, All White Outfits
All White Dress

10. All White Outfit: 

Whenever you are in a doubt, what to wear or not,  just go with an all-white outfit. You can never go wrong with white or any light color outfits. It suits almost everyone and these light colors surely represent royalty. If you take a close look at, all the royalties wear light color outfits majority of the time or just plain whites and they look so effortless and stunning. Some pastel pink, light sky blue, pastel lavender are some posh colors to wear, anytime. When it comes to styling a white outfit, it’s just so easy. Wear some statement pieces with some good pair of shoes and lipstick, you will look a million bucks for sure honey.

Nishu Hossain How to Look Expensive on a Budget Black Statement Sunglasses
Non-Branded Black Statement Sunglasses

11. Black Sunglasses: 

Trust me if you are a lazy person like me, and not always want to give a lot of effort when it comes to eye makeup. Just wear your regular makeup and wear Black Sunglasses. Choose sunglasses which will look good on your face shape. You can always go with shades with other colors as well but I think black looks more bold and sassy. Which makes you look very extra, very expensive. Have some good pairs of sunglasses, some branded ones. I know that it’s a bit expensive but trust me that worth every penny. However, branded dupes are always an option for you guys. But good looking none branded ones are fine as well.

Another great tip is always wearing bold lips with black sunnies, that looks ravishing. Red lips with black sunnies are the match made in heaven guys.

There you have it guys, my tips to look expensive but on a budget. Let me know on the comment section below if you have any other tips and tricks of your own. Also if you guys want me to recommend some of the good stores, where you can find good quality pieces of stuff but for less. Stay fab and always slay babes.




    Lissy Lamoreaux

    1st Apr 2019 - 6:23 pm

    Great tips! I always mix and match inexpensive things with some timeless pieces that are on the pricier side. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of shoes and some brands are definitely worth the spend.


      3rd Apr 2019 - 9:12 pm

      Yes, these things are like must-haves and you will never go wrong with them. I always mix and match my outfits for more variations as I said before…


    2nd Apr 2019 - 12:44 am

    Looking good is so important to how we feel about ourselves! You have some great tips on how to look fab and feel good too!


      3rd Apr 2019 - 9:29 pm

      You know they say, Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy. So, always dress according to it. Btw thank you so much, dear.


    2nd Apr 2019 - 3:19 am

    Faux fur coats make EVERYONE look good. Love that tip, and I need to get one ASAP!!

    Completely agree with your perfume suggestion too. Someone with an amazing scent really leaves a good impression. I keep a small bottle in every purse, at my desk, and in my car so I always have one when I need it!


      3rd Apr 2019 - 9:26 pm

      Glad to hear that you love it, Thanks, dear. And exactly perfumes are essential I really believe that.


    2nd Apr 2019 - 7:02 am

    Some good tips – although I can’t be trusted with an all white outfit 😂 (I prefer all black – but you need to pay attention to the detail like the textures of the fabric).


      3rd Apr 2019 - 9:21 pm

      Hehe, I always believe that black is a posh color. You at least gotta have one killer black dress in your closet or a red one. Both will serve the same purpose.


    2nd Apr 2019 - 7:42 am

    These are really great tips! A statement bag is such a must, and adds so much to an outfit.


      3rd Apr 2019 - 9:14 pm

      Thanks, dear and I always feel like that whatever I wear I gotta have some nice pair of shoes and a statement bag because it elevates my look to another level…

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