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Koh Phi Phi Islands Complete Travel Guide| Thailand

Koh Phi Phi Islands Complete Travel Guide| Thailand

Koh Phi Phi Islands Complete Travel Guide| Thailand

The Phi Phi Island travel tips and tricks, where to visit, what to eat, what to do, and everything you need to know about traveling to Phi Phi, Thailand.

Nishu Hossain Koh Phi Phi Islands Complete Travel Guide, Thailand Travel
Phi Phi Island

Koh Phi Phi is one of the most popular islands to travel to Thailand. These days almost everyone wants to go to this island at least once. Tourists have this unique attraction towards this island as this attraction increases after many YouTubers, bloggers, vloggers, and other travelers had raved about it a lot. If you love traveling to new places every year or so, you gotta go there to take a look.

And everything they raved about is so true. This island is so amazingly beautiful. It’s a place full of natural beauty. After developing this island for its tourists, it has become a tourist heaven for all travelers. Koh Phi Phi stays always at the top of every Thailand travel bucket list of everyone. Due to its aqua blue water, remote locations, lush mountains, warm and fresh weather, party-like atmosphere, and breathtaking views travelers tend to drag towards this island like crazy.

Kho Phi Phi Island is absolutely an Asian wanderlust traveling place. I, myself have been there two to three times because of its beauty and atmosphere. And if I being honest, every time I loved it even more. This island has its own charm to attract you, trust me on this.

So, below I have created a complete travel guide for KOH PHI PHI:

Nishu Hossain Koh Phi Phi Islands Complete Travel Guide, Thailand Travel
Koh Phi Phi Islands

1. How to Go To Phi Phi Islands

  • You can get into Boats and ferries from Phuket and Krabi to get there. You’ll find them throughout the day at different times. But I always traveled in the morning. The frequency of ferries and boats and also the leaving time depends on the weather and season. It will take two to two-and-half-hour to reach the main island area.
  • You can purchase the tickets from anywhere like airports, hotels, hostels, etc. I bought them at Phuket airport. The tickets were 1300 baht ($41.09)  for two people for a round trip with a buffet lunch meal for the day one.
  • Eat at least 1 hour before you start your journey or pack some snacks or beverages for it. It’s because some of the boats and ferries sell food or have bars but others have nothing like that.
  • Another important thing does not to eat too much before or while you are on the journey because the boats and ferries can be incredibly nauseating. If the seas are remotely rough, you’ll feel seasick. And that is something really important to know. I have seen people who never get sick got seasick on those boat journeys. So, you’ll find medicines for not puke in the boats, take them. Try to sit outside of the boat or top of it. That way you’ll save yourself from some pretty dirty situations.
  • On arrival, people are required to pay 20 baht (0.63) tax fee to help the island develop and keep its beauty alive.
Nishu Hossain Koh Phi Phi Islands Complete Travel Guide, Thailand Travel
Phi Phi Islands

2. Places to Stay in Phi Phi Islands

  • My all-time favorite places to stay in Phi Phi would be Airbnb’s. These places are very convenient and give you great deals on prices, comfortable and friendly accommodation options. Its prices start with ($10-$30)
  • If you are a backpacker then hostels and bamboo huts will be the cheapest room choices for you to stay in Phi Phi.
  • Phi Phi has a huge number of hotels, bungalows, and resort options to offer for its tourists.
  • Luxury resorts are one of the main attractions of Phi Phi Island. Infinity pools, spas, small bamboo huts like rooms to stay. Inside bars and restaurants.
Nishu Hossain Koh Phi Phi Islands Complete Travel Guide, Thailand Travel
Koh Phi Phi Islands

3. Places to Eat in Phi Phi Islands

  • Almost every hotel, resort or bungalows have their own restaurant and bars to eat and drink. But most of the time these places are a bit expensive than other outside places where you can have food.
  • You’ll find other inexpensive places to eat outside of your resorts and hotels. Such as Indian restaurants with bar and shisha options, Anna’s Restaurant, Pum Thai Restaurant, Phi, Phi Bakery and so many others.
  • Remember one thing if are you are in a budget and don’t wanna spend too much on food then try to eat Thai food at the places outside of your hotel. It will save a lot of cash for you.
  • If you drink you can always order them as your room service, or you can go out and have them on Phi Phi local bars and restaurants. Beers are very cheap over there so you’ll find plenty of places to drink them.
Nishu Hossain Koh Phi Phi Islands Complete Travel Guide, Thailand Travel
Koh Phi Phi Islands

4. What to Do During Day Time in Phi Phi Islands

  • Go snorkeling, scuba diving, and underwater sea diving with one of the many dive companies on the Phi Phi Islands. You can dive with other certified divers and you don’t need a certificate for that. Companies that provide these certified divers are really professional and safe. So, you can that if you want to.
  • You can also take a long boat ride tour to Koh Phi Phi Ley to see Maya Bay. This an amazing opportunity for you to see the islands more closely and experience its beauty and serenity.
  • If you like hiking or you want to experience it, then Koh Phi Phi is a really nice place for that. You can hike up to the famous Phi Phi Viewpoint. This will be a short hike, which you can do wearing bikinis and flip-flops. Also at the top, you’ll find a few tables with a snack and beverage stand. The view from the top so priceless and mesmerizing, I hope you guys will love it.
  • Go explore the limestone cliffs which are jutting out from the ocean by renting a kayak. Kayaks can be rented from different places at the beach. These seas are very easy to paddle through but you’ll definitely enjoy the view and stunningly blue sea.
  • You can take cooking classes over at Pum Thai’s Cooking School. And also you can eat as much as you want. The cooking classes are an all-day thing, you can eat 4+ meal courses. So, if you love food you gotta try that because I remember it was one of our best memories we had over there.
  • You can lay on the beach and can easily enjoy the sun and view. People love to do that during the day time.
  • In the evening the views from the island are indescribable, that magical air rush, red sky, it’s the most romantic time you can spend on the island.
  • Shop over the island. There are many stalls you’ll find to shop over the whole island. These shops sell very inexpensive bohemian style trinkets, clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other souvenirs. And these things are very pretty, I remember, I bought a lot of things from there.
Nishu Hossain Koh Phi Phi Islands Complete Travel Guide, Thailand Travel
Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

5. What to Do During Night Time in Phi Phi Islands

This is the time that people actually go there. The island becomes heaven for people who love to party and enjoy. You’ll find packed bars, cocktails, fire dancing, rowdy crowds, parties, and late-night swims.

It’s a super relaxing place with a lot of fun activities to do.

  • Rooftop bars like Banana Rooftop Bar is very popular over there. The vibe of this bar is super cozy with live music, good drinks, video games, and also you’ll find special sort of cigarettes, you can purchase from there. This is a bamboo hut type bar situated on the top of a Mexican restaurant and has a spiral staircase to go up.
  • The Reggae Bar is a very classic bar of Koh Phi Phi night. People tend to go to this place a lot. You’ll see voluntarily fights with one another in a boxing ring. It is great entertainment for tourists who travel there.
  • Slinky Bar is a nightclub on the beach. It is a perfect place to enjoy and let loose to the fullest. You can see local fire dancers over there. The music is good and very loud at that place, people usually dance wildly inappropriate and does party all night.
  • But mostly I enjoyed the night walks at the beach. That experience was very soothing and mind refreshing. Sometimes you can just stand up close to the water and it touches your feet every now and then. The wind blows so gently. That experience was everything for me.
Nishu Hossain Koh Phi Phi Islands Complete Travel Guide, Thailand Travel
Koh Phi Phi Islands

6. Pro Tips for Phi Phi Islands Travel

  • Kho Phi Phi Don is the main island where all the tourists and locals live on and Koh Phi Phi Lay is the smaller one, it’s an uninhabited island but it has a National Park.
  • You can walk around the whole island, it is a small place and has no roads for transportation. So, eventually, you gotta walk.
  • For a place with no roads and real transportation you gotta carry your own luggage to your hotels or whatever accommodations you have arranged for yourself.
  • Also, you can look for the men with wheelbarrows to carry your luggage for a small fee and this should solve your luggage hassle I hope. If you have a lot of things to carry.
  • Since it’s a really small place and you can just walk the whole island by yourself. So, try to stroll around and get lost to this wonderful place. But you won’t get lost for real, it’s a small place. But it will take a bit of time to see around.
  • Koh Phi Phi is a paradise for people who love to party. People start playing drinking games from 2 pm and that continues kinda all night long.
  • If you are traveling through Thailand like Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, etc then Koh Phi Phi is also a great place to visit. It is a budget-friendly place but also sometimes it can be a bit more pricey. So, choose wisely while you are looking for places to stay, eat, or do stuff if you are on a budget.
Nishu Hossain Koh Phi Phi Islands Complete Travel Guide, Thailand Travel
Koh Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

And lastly, Koh Phi Phi was a really great experience for me and that let me made some new friends over there and also gave me a lot of great memories, which I will cherish all my life. I hope you guys will enjoy the same. Share your other experiences if you’ve been there. Or ask me if you have any other things you wanna know about the place. Stay safe guys.




    Akriti Bahal

    22nd Mar 2019 - 8:51 pm

    This is an awesome article with such useful information. I will definitely be planning a trip to Thailand soon!


      24th Apr 2019 - 2:16 am

      I’m really glad you find it useful and you also enjoy reading it. You must go to Thailand. It’s a great place to travel in. This country is very beautiful.

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