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My 20 Best and Most Important Travel Tips To be a Pro Traveler

My 20 Best and Most Important Travel Tips To be a Pro Traveler

After traveling a lot in the past couple of years I’ve learned a lot about traveling. I’ve learned budget traveling, I’ve done backpacking, I’ve slept at so many airports and I’ve faced and handled a lot of things. Some are the best ones and some are the worst. But I must say both taught me a lot. These are some experiences I really want to share with all of you because I don’t wanna see you guys making the same mistakes I made in the past. These tips will make your journey a lot easier I can guarantee that. When we first start to travel, we all make these silly mistakes or sometimes we just forget to keep some important stuff in our minds.

Some suggestions for Your Next Travel Adventures:

So, here’s my top best and most important travel tips to become a Pro Traveler…

1. Always Pack Light

Remember if you are traveling for a long time or full time it is really essential that you pack light but if you are going for any short trip like a honeymoon you can pack more than usual. Taking fewer things with you means light traveling, easy traveling. Especially when you are traveling alone. Buy some small backpacks or suitcases. That way your mind will unconsciously force you to pack less. But always take some extra socks with you while traveling. These come really handy trust me.

2. Remember to Book Your Flights at least 2 Months in Advance

Book your flights two to three months earlier whenever you’re traveling, unless you made the plan at the last minute. This way you’ll find flights at the best price. Don’t search for the cheapest flight fares, sometimes they don’t turn out to be good ones in the matter of customer service.

3. Don’t Fly to Your Destination Directly

Book your flights with at least one layover and try to fly to airports closer to your actual destination. Most of the time by doing this you can find cheaper flights than flying to the exact destination. After reaching that nearest airport you can take the bus, train or anything that is available at that place to reach your destination. I believe that direct flights are not the cheapest one while you travel a lot.

4. Look for Flight Deals

Always sign up for flight deals. We, travelers, know that where our most money goes. It’s always going to the flight fares. But by signing into these flight deals you can save a lot of money. You’ll find flight deals in these sites, like The Flight Deal, Secret Flying, Scott’s Cheap Flight, etc. Also, you can sign up for airline newsletters, this way you’ll get the information about any sales or discounts they are offering at that time.

5. Always Book Your Tickets Online

No matter what ticket is that fights or tickets to see some attraction. Book them online. This way you can use your credit card and not the cash. Also, most of these companies offer their sale or discounts on online purchases only. This way you can also collect more travel points since you’re using credit cards.

6. Use Actual or Google Map

Always use the map while you’re traveling a new country or a new city or anywhere new. It’s the best way to not get lost or get harassed by transportation drivers. By using a map you keep track of your journey. But if you ever get lost or couldn’t find a particular place please make sure to ask for directions from the locals.

7. Go to The Local Tourism Office

Trust me this is the best place to get any information about the place you are traveling. They know everything about the place and they’ll help you for sure. That’s their job you know. They can also give you the insights of the places, free activities do, special attractions to see if there’s going to be an event to attend to. You can also find discounts or offers on transportations, attractions, events from these offices.

8. Always Keep Extra Copies of Your Passport and Important Documents

This is a really important thing to follow. Always keep your important documents and papers with you, along with the passport copies. You just never know when you might need them on your journey. Also, send yourself the soft copies of these documents in the mail. If you ever get into any sort of problem in any foreign country these help you. So, keep them with you all the time.

Some other Travel destinations worth traveling:

9. Don’t Wear Money belts Ever

Money belts literally shout that you are a tourist and that really catches the eyes of those pickpockets and thieves. Try to get blend with the locals and also this trick will keep you away from those touts and cheaters. And, also it’s a fashion disaster.

10. Try to Stay in Hostels

If you are not traveling with family but with friends then you must try this one. Hostels are much cheaper than other accommodation options. Also, you’ll make new friends and trust me it’s really fun. Most of the hostels have bars and they sell very cheap beer and drinks. That is also a plus point if you wanna save some money.

11. Always Carry a Minimal Amount of Things Whenever Go Out

Remember this very carefully that whenever you go out, take only the things you need most. Don’t take all your credit cards or a lot of cash with you. Take one credit or ATM card, $50-$100, and not more than that. This way if anything happens you’ll be saving yourself from a lot of unnecessary problems.

12. Ask for Help If You Need from the Hotel or Hostel Staff

These staff is working in this travel business for a long time and everyday deal with so many different types of travelers. So, asking them for help would be a great idea. Usually, they know all the insights about cheap bars and drinks, meals, attractions, directions, and places, etc. They can provide you a lot of useful information so ask for it, even if you’re not staying at that place.

13. Try to Avoid Taxis

No matter which country you are traveling to. Taxi is always a bad choice. Taxis are very expensive and often people get caught up in scams. So, if you don’t find any other option to take one, then take it but otherwise, it’s off the list.

14. Read Books

Often while we are traveling, we spent a lot of time on the plane, bus, trains and that took a lot of time to get anywhere. So, you can pass those boring times by reading books. You can read any book you want to read but I prefer history books or books that will give me more knowledge about the place where I’m going to travel. You gotta know a place’s history before you enjoy the present.

For book recommendations read this article:

15. Always Keep a First-Aid Box

When it comes to health anything could happen and in the middle of traveling, you can’t always get them immediately. So, safety comes first. Take basic medicines with you like for fever, gastric, nose-drops, eye-drops, band-aid, ointments, antibacterial cream, etc.

16. Try New and Street Foods

Try new foods from new countries, their local cuisines and you’ll never know which food will become your new favorite. Usually, it turns out a very good experience. Then try the street food. It is one of the biggest parts of any country’s culture. So, try street foods and I can assure you that you’ll be amazed. I personally really love street food, these foods are so delicious every time I have them.

17. Make New Friends

Wherever you go, talk to new people, make some new friends. Not all strangers are bad. Just like you they also want to make some good connections and be friends. You never know you might find a really good friend for life. But still, be careful of who you are meeting and making friends with. Some people are not what they say they are. So keeping a healthy amount of guard up is good.

18. Take Good Quality Comfortable Shoes

Traveling means you gotta walk, you gotta explore and to do that you really need some good quality pair of shoes. This is a must-have while you travel cause these shoes will help you the most to do any sort of activity.

19. Always Carry Some Emergency Cash

You never know what will happen next. So, for your own safety, you should carry some extra cash. This way if you lost your money or shop a little more than you should, then those extras will come in handy. Try to at least keep $500 extra cash. It’s a good amount and a safe amount.

20. Take Extra USB Chargers, Cables and Earplugs

These are like the most important things you carry while you’re traveling. Earplugs will help you in the plane from the air pressure and will save you from any kind of noise, while you’re sleeping. Extra cables and chargers are very important especially when you have a lot of gadgets or in any case you lost one. These will come in handy.

Some of my favorite book mentions I read while I travel:

  • In A Sunburned Country, by Bill Bryson
  • The Lost Girls, by Jennifer Baggett, Holly C. Corbett, & Amanda Pressner
  • The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho
  • The Beach, by Alex Garland

So, this is it. These are my all-time essential travel tips to follow whenever I’m traveling and trust me, these have been saving me from so many unnecessary haggles for years. You should also follow them. Comment below if you find them helpful and if you do please leave some love to it and share it with others.

If you guys want me to write about something else suggest to me the comments or if you want any other tips like this on budget traveling or matters like that please let me know that too. Thank you, everyone.



Nishu Hossain, My 20 Best and Most Important Travel Tips To be a Pro Traveler
My 20 Best and Most Important Travel Tips To be a Pro Traveler




    30th Apr 2019 - 12:39 am

    These are all really great tips! I never thought to look less like a tourist, or to fly into nearby airports rather than the final destination. Thanks for this helpful list!


    30th Apr 2019 - 5:47 pm

    A great list! I always email a copy of my passport/hotel info/flight info to both myself and at least 2 family members so that I have it if it gets lost and have a backup too.


    2nd May 2019 - 11:33 am

    Very good list! You covered many important points, well done.

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